Loop It Up Savannah is a youth arts and enrichment non-profit, providing school day, after school, and summer program workshops for over 10,000 young people each year.  Programming includes visual and performing arts, early literacy programming, school garden projects, yoga and mindfulness-based practice, and creative entrepreneurship throughout Savannah. We aim to foster strong relationships, greater academic success, the sense of ownership and pleasure in learning, and greater emotional stability allowing us to work together to build a sustainable and interconnected community where every day needs are met with creativity and confidence. We provide a safe and supportive environment within which children can experiment with new ideas, new materials, and new challenges to their imaginations.

Looping Literacy Together
Looping Literacy Together is a multi-layered early literacy program targeting Pre-K and Kindergarten children attending Title I Schools and Early Learning Centers. The program includes weekly reading partnerships staffed by community volunteers who collaborate with classroom teachers, the creation of take-home Book Box Libraries, workshops with master storytellers and authors, and music, movement, and art classes that support literacy concepts being explored in the various projects presented in the program. The goals of this program align with those stated in the Georgia Standards for Excellence and GELDS for Language Arts, Fine Arts, and Social/Emotional Development in early learners.

The Midnfulness Zone
The Mindfulness Zone is a program that works to give children agency in addressing emotionally challenging circumstances that arise in school among peers, at home with family members, and among community members. The program presents strategies for problem solving using mindfulness practice, yoga, and expressive arts, and works with children to develop their personal toolkits of problem-solving skills. The goals of this program align with developing the five core competencies defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. This program is currently offered to both elementary and middle school students.

STEAM Days is an elementary school program that uses project-based investigation and the arts to develop knowledge and skill in the solutions to complex or challenging science, math, and engineering problems. This program adheres to the Georgia Standards for Excellence in the areas of Math, Science, Fine Art, and Language Arts. Students develop critical thinking skills while identifying problems and learn to take initiative in designing and implementing solutions. An additional benefit of this program is the opportunity for students to develop skills in collaboration and communication with their peers.