After-School Enrichment
Each year Loop It Up Savannah partners with Schools and Community Centers across the city to provide creative arts experiences to students during the after-school hours. A specific medium, theme, or project is chosen for each program. Students participate in both individual and group projects, allowing for self expression in a safe and caring environment. While making beautiful artwork, each child develops self-respect as well as respect for peers.
We believe that the after-school window is one of the most important times of day.  Our programs give students opportunities to apply what they know about the world around them in a relaxed and positive environment. Class ratios are 10:1 or smaller, which insures that students receive 1:1 attention and feedback on their work as well as support when conflicts or challenges arise between peers.
Current Programs Include:
  • Visual and Performing Arts (theater workshops, dance workshops, and art classes)
  • Youth Yoga
  • STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering,  Art, and Math)
Early Learning Center Creative Arts
Classes are offered weekly in Early Learning programs throughout the city of Savannah. Some programs take place in community centers, some in pre-K classrooms in the public school system.
Our goal is to expose young students to a variety of art media while supporting age-appropriate fine motor, cognitive, and social development. Participants work on both long and short-term projects both independently and in groups. Each child develops a portfolio compiled throughout the workshop. The student work is displayed continually, then exhibited in a show at the end.
We believe that art plays a strong and positive role in a young child’s developing sense of self both as an individual and in the context of their community.
Current programs include:
Music (Partnership with Do Re We) and Art at the Early Learning Centers
School Residency Programs
Our School Residency programs typically run 4 to 8 weeks, and provide classrooms with art projects that are connected to at least one academic subject currently being studied. We work closely with classroom teachers to develop relevant and educationally beneficial projects for their classrooms. The goal is to use the arts to reinforce what the students are learning in other classes throughout the day. These projects give students an opportunity to apply their knowledge and understand the relevance of what they are learning in school to the greater community and world.
These residency programs always culminate in a public display, event, or exhibit that is open to the school community and beyond.  We often coordinate with local festivals and community events for greater exposure. Artworks created in our school residency programs are frequently installed in prominent locations inside the schools.
Projects include:
Book Box Library Project
Movers, Shakers, Game Changers
Creative Arts In the Street
We bring art to the streets through community festivals and events as often as we can. Through exhibits and children’s art workshops we are making art a universal and dependable element in the lives of Savannah’s urban children. With alarming frequency citizens are made aware of overwhelming violence, crime and poverty in our city. The goal through all of our programs, and specifically Creative Arts In the Street, is to provide consistent and sustainable elements in our student’s lives.
Many children in Savannah neighborhoods believe that “sometimes you just get shot.” Our goal is to make it possible to believe that other things happen too-- many of them different and better. When opportunities for art and positive self expression are as prominent and dependable as gunshot outside the window,  a child’s perspective on the world can shift and improve.
In collaboration with our community partners Loop It Up provides kid-zone or activity stations at events around Savannah. Please contact us to arrange our participation in one of your events.
Beloved Community Project
Through our arts programming we get to know families very well and sometimes become aware of unmet needs in the lives of our students. We consider it our responsibility to connect our families to as many resources as possible.
The Beloved Community Project is our way of making the most of our relationships with community partners by assuring that our students and their  families have enough food to eat, clothing to wear, power and water in their homes, and access to health care, transportation and safe housing.
Events at Loop It Up
We are happy to be able to host activities and events in our spacious office and workshop space on East 59th Street.
These include:
  • Birthday Parties
  • Painting Parties
  • Holiday Parties and Sales
  • Neighborhood Gatherings and Celebrations
Please contact us if you would like to join us in hosting an event in our space!